Dreamboat Ainsley (southseas) wrote in oldphotoaffair,
Dreamboat Ainsley

All these photos range from the late 60's, 70's and 80's, and my mom took most of them. Enjoy!

My uncles.

My favorite photo of my mother.

My mom is a creep and took these next few photos at a wax museum in California.

My aunt and her sweet wheels.

When my mom's family moved to Canada from Sweden, they lived on this farm in Ontario.

Romantic, isn't it?

They had a friendly little racoon friend named Ringo.

My mom on the left.

My grandfather, who also took some of these pictures. After he fell asleep my uncles took bottles and lined them up all around him and then laughed themselves into oblivion when he woke up and found them all.

I always wished I could see the picture he took.

My parents and the car my mom still talks about.

These are just a few negatives that belonged to my grandfather. I think he got them developed in Sweden, but I have no idea when. The 50's maybe?

What they were inside.

The receipt?
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