i program robots to make them lie (neptunenobody) wrote in oldphotoaffair,
i program robots to make them lie

the kitchen @ our scotsdale road home.

my dad made cane baskets and sold them at the markets.

one of my favourite photos of my father.

me on the day of my first birthday (22nd of april).

opening my presents :)

omg, cake! and my dad being cute and rugged.

haha, it looks like my sister trained me to give her head massages.

i was a really strong reader and i attribute it to times such as these. i could read a newspaper by the age of 5. :)

out riding with my pa.

the obligatory bath photos.

tess doing the dishes.

i've still got the same goofy grin.

tess' 11th birthday celebration.

we used to have ducks!

i must have liked them.

crossing the nullabor plain (part of the great sandy desert of australia).

me & mum - on the ferry to dromana, victoria.

the big koala, victoria.

seals, eyre peninsula.

eyre peninsula.

eyre peninsula.

the little boy is my cousin, adam (then "jaxon").

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